Tuesday 5 March 2013

News360 Android App Review - Recent Android App

News360 is recent android app that will give you 360° view of the issues. The News360 Android App is a news reader designed smartly & elegantly. With this latest android app, you can get news articles and blog posts from across the Internet. Many news readers app provides such a facility, but News360 App will provide the most relevant articles & blogs to you.

The best thing about News360 Android App is that it shows all the stories that really matter, means you will never miss something interesting anymore, in case you missed to subscribe to the right feed or follow the right person. Get coverage from all possible sources for every story, including text, video and photography. In few words, I would like to say, News360 is a personalized news reader for the young generation, where they can focus on the topics (Niche topics from local & global blogs and sites) they’re interested in!     

+ Point of News360 Android App: Over 50,000 Sources & Ease of customize the topics

Rating: 9.6/10

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