Saturday 2 March 2013

Downhill Xtreme Android Game Reviews - Longboard Racing Game

Downhill Xtreme Android Game is unmatched longboard racing game that lets you skate in style. Downhill Xtreme Game is avail for Android Phone & Tablet with eye-pleasing 3D graphics and enhanced acceleration & drift. You can prove your longboard skating skills in Medal Events, Online Events, and Outlaw Events. I got thrilling racing experience in Downhill Xtreme Android Game and would like to say thanks to Distinctive Wireless to make such an incredible racing game for droid.

Downhill Xtreme Game for Android features highly accurate gyroscopic controls, wide selection of wheels, custom collection of boards, realistic lighting & shading effects, interesting locations, money & prizes along the way and much more to give supreme longboard skating racing experience.    

+ Point of Downhill Xtreme Android Game: Hillsides to Scenic Slopes & Killer Soundtrack

Rating: 9.7/10

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