Thursday 7 March 2013

Cubie Messenger - Fun Messenger for Android

Cubie Messenger is fun messenger for Android that takes messaging beyond chat. The Cubie Messenger Android App is just perfect for students, college girls & guys, and many others who want to get more than just text, while chatting with their friends. This android messenger lets you add funny animated stickers, drawings, videos, emoji, photos and your own picture messages in chat.

Sometimes it’s not possible to talk or you don’t want to talk, you may send sticker to your friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Stickers of this app will say much more. Having this messenger, you can add fun into your chat, plus it’s simple to use. The Cubie Android Messenger comes with Drawing Board to add emoticons, doodles, stickers, or text. Also you can edit your friend’s previous drawing and send him or her back. Text/SMS messages are Free! I owe this android fun messenger and very happy, our group is enjoying it!

+ Point of Cubie Messenger Android App: Group Chat, Support YouTube Videos, Voice Messages   

Rating: 9.9/10

Download Cubie Messenger Free for Your Droid

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