Sunday 3 February 2013

SHADOWGUN DeadZone Android Game Review

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Android Game, it’s hard to describe this game in a few words. This Best Action Android Game is unmatched. Maybe kids or other people who love fun games will not like it, but for those hardcore gamers who are crazy about shooting game, it is everything for them. You can experience heroic multiplayer battles in this multi-platform multiplayer game.

This Review for SHADOWGUN DeadZone Android Game says; don’t miss it if you wanna experience realistic first person shooter game on Android Phone or Tablet. Graphics are mindboggling plus new control elements add the momentum, while a wide ranging arsenal helps different gamers to choose their best to prove their skills in Deathmatch & Zone Control.     

If you have wide screen Android Tablet or Phone, then you will enjoy this action much. 10 playable characters await you, dive in the world of SHADOWGUN and prove your courage. Don’t forget to challenge your friends! Thanks MADFINGER Games for this combat!

Rating: 9.6/10

Download SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Game for Android Free

1 comment:

  1. This game is free to play. The incentive to pay is brilliant.
    Extra weapon slot, extra epuip slot, more xp & $, mic for paid players.
    I have been playing for free for weeks and I don't feel underpriveledged.
    Not only the best free game that exists, but by a WIDE margin! The rest of 'em have a lot of catching up to do.