Tuesday 26 February 2013

Android App Review for APP Lock

DoMobile Lab understands your personal life and interests that’s why it brings to you APP Lock. The APP Lock Android application will help you lock your installed apps to make them safe from your kids, unwanted persons, doubtful friends, wife, father, brother, husband, or even from boyfriend and girlfriend. This easy to use app lets you protect your installed apps and for that you can use either number lock or pattern lock. Also it lets you lock unwanted incoming calls.

Sometimes we care for others and don’t install several apps we like. But not anymore, you can now install any app you love and hide it from all using APP Lock android app. Having APP Lock, you can give your Android phone to your friends without any worry. Quick lock switch and short exit are the features that make your experience even better on this top lock app.

In few words, APP Lock is must have android app for those who have private apps and want to hide from others.

+ Point of APP Lock Android Application: No Ads, Less Size and Easy to use

Rating: 9.7/10

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