Monday 4 February 2013

Bridge Constructor Android Game Review

First things first, try this android game, you will remember the experience. Undoubtedly Bridge Constructor Android Game is one among the best Android Puzzle Games and I would like to recommend it to those Android tablet and phone users who love something challenging.

No worry if you are not a civil engineer, your puzzle solving skills work here and your passion about such a challenging games. Here, you have to construct a bridge over the canals, deep valleys or rivers using 4 types of different materials such as Wood, Steel, Cables or Concrete Pillars. The whole game is set on gorgeous island nation of Camatuga. This physics puzzle android game brought to you 40 challenging levels. Even my 60 year dad loves this game!

Once you build the bridge, check whether is perfect or not by Cars and Trucks. There is a lot more in Android Bridge Constructor Game, so just download it and go for the bridge construction, a big deal! Latest version of Bridge Constructor will give you unmatched puzzling experience!

Rating: 9.8/10

Download Bridge Constructor Android Game

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