Thursday 21 February 2013

Bloody Monsters Android Game Review and Gameplay

If you love to kill zombies/monsters, then enroll Bloody Monsters Android Game today. Without a doubt, Bloody Monsters is intense fun arcade shooter game for your Android Phone or Android Tablet, where you will find different types of monsters. Don’t worry, to kill these zombie monsters you will have gun and several bouncing bullets. It’s all up to you, how you take the advantages of physics to kill multiple monsters by using single bullet.

Each level has different arrangement of monsters, means you have to think once or twice before take a shot to kill all zombies using fewer bullets. 200 levels, means hours of fun! There is much more in this fun physics shooting game to entertain you. Download Bloody Monsters Android Game Free and enjoy monsters shooting like never before. Along with monsters, this game will also kill your bore time, anywhere! Don’t compare it with Stupid Zombies Game, just get fun, and of course, this game is capable to give you hours of fun! 

+ Point of Bloody Monsters Android Game: Tremendous Blood & Gore Animations

Rating: 9/10

Download Bloody Monsters Android Game Free

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